Aiello Home Services is one of Connecticut’s oldest and largest home services companies. We provide a very wide range of services including: heating repair and replacement, air conditioning repair and replacement, all manner of electrical and plumbing repair and service, residential generator sales and installation, water and well services, home heating oil sales and service and more.

For more than 80 years Aiello Home Services has been committed to delivering the highest level of professional service and courtesy in the business. We’ve prided ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

While we make every effort to make sure that our customers are totally satisfied with our efforts, inevitably there will be unhappy customers. It’s part of any business relationship. However, Aiello Home Services is committed to addressing any – and all – customer concerns. And 99.99% of the time we are able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

With more than 15,000 calls received each year there inevitably will be a few unhappy customers. Unhappy customers tend to take to the web to express their displeasure. Instead of trying to explain or defend our position in every case – we’ve decided to let all our satisfied – happy customers – speak for us.

This site is about those happy customers and their Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

We have posted just some of the hundreds of positive comments we have received concerning our great Aiello plumbers, electricians, installers, replacement specialists, customer service representatives and warehouse people.

Yes, this site is about “blowing our own horn,” in this new online world in which we live.

We hope you will accept our honest effort to defend our reputation using only the unsolicited words of satisfied Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

We think they speak the loudest.

The Best Customer Testimonial Ever!

I called your Company on Thurs., 3/14 and spoke to Dawn and she stated she would have a Service Tech to my home between 4 & 8 pm that day after listening to the heat issue. She was great.

Later that same day/evening approximately 9:30 PM, I called back and spoke to Mary and she was awesome - although she was leaving at 10:00 PM, she said she would personally call me back or have the Aiello 24 hr emergency service call me. She did contact the Service Tech who was at our residence earlier to fix the issue call me back within minutes of her speaking with me. Kudos to Mary - she was wonderful. ...Read More

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All the reviews that appear below are unedited and unsolicited reviews we have received from Aiello Home Services customers.

Recent Aiello Home Services Customer Reviews

Customer's Name: David B ~ February 27, 2014
Service Specialist: Shawn f.
Customer Comments: AIR CONDITIONING Sometimes a/c problems crop up that defy easy diagnosis. If you call the wrong company you'll be at risk of paying through the nose for hours of ineffective work without ever achieving a satisfactory fix. Well, we had such a problem last summer with our unit, but we called the right company: Aiello Home Services... and our ailing a/c unit was cost-effectively repaired.
Here is the story: Aiello sent us Shawn F. (and we are exceedingly glad of it!). Shawn did not rest until he had isolated the problem - which was not an easy matter. He had the technical knowledge, the intellect and the stamina to get it done. Our a/c unit suffered from (what turned out to be) a hidden wiring fault. Deducing and isolating its most likely location required no less than master detective work. I should also emphasize that Shawn was ably and efficiently supported by technicians in his home office. They solved the mystery as a team; and once that was done Shawn quickly fixed the problem. We weren't billed for every hour of Aiello's considerable detective work; we were billed mainly for the cost of fixing the hidden wiring fault. Of course, we were delighted!
HEATING SYSTEM We have a Buderus furnace. The unit has always worked perfectly, but, for reasons unrelated to the furnace, we were not getting its full benefit. It was a problem with our heating zones and the inability of thermostat controllers to be programmed and to deliver a uniformly comfortable temperature in every room. Once again, Shawn came to our rescue! Working very methodically (1) he took pains to understand the situation that he found; (2) he figured out its shortcomings; and (3) he proposed an integrated heating-zone & thermostat solution aimed at increasing our overall heating comfort in a cost-effective way. We accepted his proposal. All his thoughtful work (in heating system design and installation) paid off! Despite the harshness of this winter we have never been more comfortable in our home!
ENERGY AUDIT Shawn was here recently to replace an old power head to our heating system which had failed. Because he knew our system "inside and out" it took him no time at all to do the work. When he was finished, we got to talking about what else we could do to improve our heating and cooling situation. He told us about Aiello's energy audit program. We were very interested; it seems like exceptional value. We've scheduled one. I'm certain we made a good decision and our home will be much the better for the energy audit and it's outcome.
HONESTY & INTEGRITY Lastly, we have worked with Aiello for about 20 years. As you can tell we are exceedingly happy with the relationship. We are particularly impressed with Shawn, but we know that he represents a company that likewise values high standards of honesty and integrity. Anyone from Aiello Home Services will always be welcome in our home.

Service Specialist: Shawn f.
Customer's Name: Richard F ~ February 11, 2014
Service Specialist: Tim L.
Customer Comments: The services provided couldn't have been faster or more professional. My furnace was installed within 3 days as promised. I will definitely have any future services done by Aiello.

Customer's Name: Yana ~ February 11, 2014

Service Specialist: Jesse C.
Customer Comments: Jesse, Alex, and Will came to our home to perform an energy audit and were very thorough with their testing and remediation. They patched, taped, sealed, caulked, and replaced inefficient components during their visit, leaving our home more energy efficient than when it was built.

Customer's Name: Hadley R ~ January 23,2014
Service Specialist: Tim F.
Customer Comments: Tim and his whole crew did a wonderful job. Not only did they work hard, were neat and friendly, but they educated us in a number of ways we could improve things energy wise they were a pleasure to deal with. And the energy improvements the helped us with should pay for themselves very quickly

Customer's Name: Thomas L ~ January 10, 2014
Service Specialist: Wayne G.
Customer Comments: Had Wayne G service my electrical issues at my home. He was extremely pleasant to deal with and made the experience a positive one. He explained exactly what he was doing and I could tell he is very thorough with his work. He was very polite compared to other people I ve had in my home doing work. He s a great employee to have for the Aiello team. I usually NEVER recognize people for their customer service but his was one that I could not ignore. He went above and beyond the expectation of customer service and I wanted to make sure he was recognized. Thank you again Wayne!! -Tom

Customer's Name: Roger ~ January 6, 2014
Service Specialist: Tim F.

Customer Comments: Tim was there exactly when he said he would be and they were far more thorough than I thought they would be. Tim took the time to explain everything they were doing in my house and went over all of the modifications and suggested fixes in detail with me. I was very impressed and it was the best $99 I have spent in a long time. I would highly recommend Tim and Aiello.

Customer's Name: katherine C ~ January 4, 2014
Service Specialist: Alex J.
Customer Comments: Jesse Conway was very informative. Couldn't do an energy audit because I don't have a vented gas fireplace. He explained the danger of CO in the home and I bought, and he installed two excellent CO dectetors. I would definitely call Aiello Home Services. Thanks Jesse, and Alex J.

Customer's Name: Tom ~ December 9, 2013

Service Specialist: Tim F.
Customer Comments: Tim and Jesse were great. Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They were able to save me about $700/year in reduced energy costs after their energy audit, which cost me only $100. They also gave me advice on how I can get additional savings through home improvements, and gave me information on the rebates provided by the state. I would highly recommend that any home owner have this service performed.

Customer's Name: Eric ~ December 6, 2013
Service Specialist: Jesse C.
Customer Comments: I contacted Aiello to perform an energy audit at my home. Jesse and his partners did a great Job. I will be saving money going foward. Thanks Jesse Co.

Customer's Name: Shayne K ~ December 9, 2013
Service Specialist: Stephen s.
Customer Comments: As always, Aiello was fantastic. This was an after hours call on my heating system in the winter. Not only did the technician arrive when they said he would, but Stephen took the time to make sure that everything was working properly and that all my questions/concerns were answered before leaving. Being a former technician in another field myself, I know it is not exactly fun being called out after hours but it is a necessary evil of the business. I truly appreciate it and am grateful the service exists. I ve used Aiello extensively and I would recommend this company to anyone for all the services they provide.

Customer's Name: Debi K ~ November11,2013
Service Specialist: Shawn f.
Customer Comments: I just had Shawn F. work on my furnace. He was absolutely fantastic. Incredible job! works hard. Answered all questions that I had regarding my furnace. He was prompt very busy guy. Took the time to care for my furnace in all areas to make sure it will work properly. Great Service. Thank you so much Shawn F.

Customer's Name: Ken C ~ November8, 2013
Service Specialist: Tim F.
Customer Comments: Tim F., Jason, and Mike all came to do my energy audit. What a great experience! They were very professional. They explained everything that they were going to do, and then went right to work. The crew was very fast and worked clean.I can t say enough about this experience. I will be recommending your company and this team to everyone I know! Thanks for helping me save a ton of money!!

Customer's Name: Jill S ~ November 6, 2013
Service Specialist: Team Aiello .
Customer Comments: After having a plumbing fiasco recently, I needed immediate help. I called Aiello Home Services and they came quickly for both plumbing and electrical. As always they were polite, knowledgeable, and got the job done. Once again they have proven themselves to me and my family. I highly recommend Aiello Home Services. They have recently replaced my heating system and installed a cooling system. Awesome job! Jill Sorgio

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