Aiello Home Services is one of Connecticut’s oldest and largest home services companies. We provide a very wide range of services including: heating repair and replacement, air conditioning repair and replacement, all manner of electrical and plumbing repair and service, residential generator sales and installation, water and well services, home heating oil sales and service and more.

For more than 80 years Aiello Home Services has been committed to delivering the highest level of professional service and courtesy in the business. We’ve prided ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

While we make every effort to make sure that our customers are totally satisfied with our efforts, inevitably there will be unhappy customers. It’s part of any business relationship. However, Aiello Home Services is committed to addressing any – and all – customer concerns. And 99.99% of the time we are able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

With more than 15,000 calls received each year there inevitably will be a few unhappy customers. Unhappy customers tend to take to the web to express their displeasure. Instead of trying to explain or defend our position in every case – we’ve decided to let all our satisfied – happy customers – speak for us.

This site is about those happy customers and their Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

We have posted just some of the hundreds of positive comments we have received concerning our great Aiello plumbers, electricians, installers, replacement specialists, customer service representatives and warehouse people.

Yes, this site is about “blowing our own horn,” in this new online world in which we live.

We hope you will accept our honest effort to defend our reputation using only the unsolicited words of satisfied Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

We think they speak the loudest.

The Best Customer Testimonial Ever!

I called your Company on Thurs., 3/14 and spoke to Dawn and she stated she would have a Service Tech to my home between 4 & 8 pm that day after listening to the heat issue. She was great.

Later that same day/evening approximately 9:30 PM, I called back and spoke to Mary and she was awesome - although she was leaving at 10:00 PM, she said she would personally call me back or have the Aiello 24 hr emergency service call me. She did contact the Service Tech who was at our residence earlier to fix the issue call me back within minutes of her speaking with me. Kudos to Mary - she was wonderful. ...Read More

Read Reviews about Aiello Home Services from Customers.

All the reviews that appear below are unedited and unsolicited reviews we have received from Aiello Home Services customers.

Recent Aiello Home Services Customer Reviews

Customer's Name: Patrick Smith ~ April 8, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn Foley
Customer Comments: Our appointment was scheduled with a window of 8AM to 12Pm. Shawn arrived at 8:30AM which I find commendable, because most of the time other service organization will arrive just before the close of the window promised. We were very happy with the promptness and the professional service provided to us.

Customer's Name: Nick Forsee ~ April 2, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn Foley
Customer Comments: My experience today with the home heating inspection by Shawn Foley surpassed expectations. Everything was explained to me in terms I could understand, and with patience and humor. I am asking for Shawn again for next year's inspection and will gladly recommend Aiello to friends.

Customer's Name: Joseph L ~ March 10,2015
Service Specialist: Matt Rose
Customer Comments: Matt Rose did an excellent job and after he was done he suggested I get a smoke alarm and picked out a location for it. I reviewed the charges with Garret Cardwell and he was able to make an adjustment on the final bill which made this Korean war/senior citizen veteran very content, good job all around.

Customer's Name: Jennifer W. ~ March 9, 2015
Service Specialist: Mike, Alex
Customer Comments:The whole crew was fantastic. They were not only on time but they finished earlier than I expected. Mike and Alex were conscientious, neat and clean and had great attitudes in their work. Will definitely use Aiello again!

Customer's Name: Fred K ~ March 2, 2015
Service Specialist: Frank Wiliams
Customer Comments:Frank Williams came to our home to do some electrical work and arrived on time. He was very professional and so helpful. I am extremely happy with the service he provided and his advice as to what the best avenue to take was. Frank is a credit to your company and it was a pleasure to meet him. He left the work very clean as well. Thank you Frank

Customer's Name: Laurie T ~ February 13, 2015
Service Specialist: Ray D.
Customer Comments:Aiello is fortunate to have someone like Ray D. representing their Co. Ray arrived within time frame given to me, had shoes covered the whole time he was in my home, quickly determined what the problem was & fixed it, very patient & thorough in answering any questions I had, very professional & friendly-definitely deserves 5 stars!

Customer's Name: Carolyn r ~ Sept 12, 2014
Service Specialist: Shawn F.
Customer Comments: Had a very knowledgeable and gentlemanly service person in Shawn. He kept me informed throughout the process, was neat, and very friendly to my dogs. He also made sure the gates were closed, with no escapades.

Thank you!

Customer's Name: Gary I ~ Sept 12, 2014
Service Specialist: Patrick C.
Customer Comments: Patrick Cane was right on time at 7am. Very Courteous and Professional. Problem fixed in a few minutes. Very pleased.

Thank you!

Customer's Name: Roger L ~ Sept 11, 2014
Service Specialist: Shawn f.,Michael R.,Frank w.,Lindsey P.
Customer Comments: Excellent service... Very knowledgeable... Corrected potentially dangerous electrical issues with the aluminum wiring.
Thank you!

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