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Aiello Home Services is one of Connecticut’s oldest and largest home services companies. We provide a very wide range of services including: heating repair and replacement, air conditioning repair and replacement, all manner of electrical and plumbing repair and service, residential generator sales and installation, water and well services, home heating oil sales and service and more.

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While we make every effort to make sure that our customers are totally satisfied with our efforts, inevitably there will be unhappy customers. It’s part of any business relationship. However, Aiello Home Services is committed to addressing any – and all – customer concerns. And 99.99% of the time we are able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

With more than 15,000 calls received each year there inevitably will be a few unhappy customers. Unhappy customers tend to take to the web to express their displeasure. Instead of trying to explain or defend our position in every case – we’ve decided to let all our satisfied – happy customers – speak for us.

This site is about those happy customers and their Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

For more than 80 years Aiello Home Services has been committed to delivering the highest level of professional service and courtesy in the business. We’ve prided ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have posted just some of the hundreds of positive comments we have received concerning our great Aiello plumbers, electricians, installers, replacement specialists, customer service representatives and warehouse people.

Yes, this site is about “blowing our own horn,” in this new online world in which we live.

We hope you will accept our honest effort to defend our reputation using only the unsolicited words of satisfied Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

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The Best Customer Testimonial Ever!

I called your Company on Thurs., 3/14 and spoke to Dawn and she stated she would have a Service Tech to my home between 4 & 8 pm that day after listening to the heat issue. She was great.

Later that same day/evening approximately 9:30 PM, I called back and spoke to Mary and she was awesome - although she was leaving at 10:00 PM, she said she would personally call me back or have the Aiello 24 hr emergency service call me. She did contact the Service Tech who was at our residence earlier to fix the issue call me back within minutes of her speaking with me. Kudos to Mary - she was wonderful. ...Read More

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All the reviews that appear below are unedited and unsolicited reviews we have received from Aiello Home Services customers.

Recent Aiello Home Services Customer Reviews

Customer's Name / Source: D.M. / Better Business Bureau - July 23, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: 7/23/2016 Our central air system failed on a Saturday afternoon (temp. 85 degrees). The earlies a technician could be sent was Wed. afternoon, due to high volume of repair calls. I made appt. I also checked other services, but none could come earlier. On arrival the technician checked system and in a timely manner diagnosed the failure. I was given the estimate on a tablet and I okayed the repair. The replacement part had to be delivered from another storehouse. He doesn't know this, but I overheard the technician on his phone outside and I appreciated that he refused to leave for another repair call and return after part was delivered and other job was completed. He told the dispatcher he could not leave this customer hanging if the other job turned out to be big. After part arrived 30 minutes later, he replaced it and ensured system was running properly. I paid by check and got a receipt via my email. I liked that the technician was conscientious about my family and home with a week long heat wave starting the next day. I liked the use of technology via tablet and internet for the estimate, billing, and payment - all quick and efficient. The entire visit lasted less than 3 1/2 hours. I was happy the my AC system was running better than before when the temp outside hit 100 degrees the next day. I felt the estimate for the part was somewhat high; but considering what it took to acquire the part, the consideration I was afforded by the tech, the quality of the work, and the efficiency of the whole process I am very happy I called Aiello. I have since made an appt. for an entire system check and will be doing so every year going forward

Customer's Name / Source: M.L. / Better Business Bureau - July 20, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: I had a second floor bathroom water pipe leak that stained the first floor c living room ceiling. I called Aiello and describe my issue. Aiello office representatives were courteous and knowledgeable. Their plumber came within the promised time frame the next day after a notification call. Their plumber was courteous and knew where and what the pipe leak problem was and how to fix it. He even took extra time to ensure the water system worked with not problems. He did very good professional work. I would call them again and recommend them.

Customer's Name / Source: J.R. / Better Business Bureau - July 20, 2016
Service Specialist: Betram W.
Customer's Comments: Bertram W. was great. We had our 20 year old boiler and hot water heater replaced with a high efficiency ***** combination system. Bert showed up right on time, explained the entire process, was neat, conscientious and professional. Bert made sure that our floor was protected and went through the entire work site at the end of the day to check for debris or materials. The installation of the boiler itself was spotless and looked like something you would see in a magazine. Bert answered all of our questions and clearly knew what he was talking about. I highly recommend Bertram W. and his crew.

Customer's Name / Source: M.H. / Better Business Bureau - July 19, 2016
Service Specialist: Bill L, Steve S
Customer's Comments: The 2 service reps, Bill L and Steve S., who came to perform maintenance on my unit were very professional, courteous and clean. They wore shoe covers while in my home. They not only performed maintenance on my unit but performed needed repair and service. They were at my home for about 2 hours. I am very pleased with their work and would recommend them and their company to anyone. I would rate them 100%,10 stars

Customer's Name / Source: P.M. / Better Business Bureau - July 14, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: From the call I made in the morning to the amazing electrician that came to my home, I felt very taken care of. The work was quality and the staff was very bright and professional! Thanks again for an excellent experience!

Customer's Name/Source: David M / Reivew Buzz July 10. 2016
Service Specialist: Craig Nolan
Customer's Comments: 7/10/2016 We have been customers of Aiello for several years now. They replaced our old central A/C unit and did a FANTASTIC JOB! My wife and I will never forget the fantastic installation the crew of Aiello gentlemen were extremely courteous, professional, and VERY NEAT - no mess - no headaches. I tell everyone about my great experience. Recently, Craig Nolan, HVAC Service Technician performed the annual maintenance on our central A/C Unit and Craig was terrific. He was first and foremost a gentleman, courteous to both me and my wife, and professional. And, he was very thorough and explained his findings about the unit after he was done. What more could we ask for. We will be asking for Mr.Nolan to service our unit in the future. Aiello is fortunate to have a great representative in Mr.Nolan out there servicing HVACs, dealing with the customers and doing a quality job.

Customer's Name/ Source: Better Business Bureau/ R.S.- June 27, 2016
Customer's Comments: 6/27/2016 Paula at the office as well as Tim, the technician who performed the service are both outstanding representatives of Aiello Home Services. Tim was exceptionally professional, courteous, and very attention to detail orientated. Paula could not have been more helpful and accomodating. This is my second time with this company and rest assured it will not be the last.This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

Customer's Name/Source: Yelp, June 25, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike D, Amanda E, Brittany G
Customer's Comments: Fast, courteous, competent - what more could you want? After 3 independent local plumbers "didn't have time" to assess my clogged kitchen drain that we couldn't snake open, I called Aiello. A plumber was at my house within 4 hours. (He actually arrived 20 minutes before the start of the 4-hour window they estimated) The job done in less than an hour, at the estimated cost, and everything was left clean and properly functioning. I will definitely call them first the next time I need a plumber!

Customer's Name/ Source: Google+, June 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Jason M.
Customer's Comments: Aiello Home Services We contracted with Aiello for a Home Energy Audit...They were on-time for the appointment and did a masterful job during the Audit. At the end of the Audit Jason walked me through the findings and recommendations. Jason is was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Aiello Home Services. Jim from Willington

Customer's Name/Source: Facebook- June 15, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike D.
Customer's Comments: Mike Dayton is a courteous and knowledgeable technician. After a plumber and HVAC technician came by to diagnose a crack in the condensate line of the AC unit, he fully explained why the different techs came (apparently the first plumber could have done the job but didn't think to do it) and apologized for the inconvenience. He thoughtfully answered all my questions and expediently performed the service. Everyone should ask for him! It's just too bad we had to go through a plumber and HVAC guy to get to him

Customer's Name/Source: Google+ - June 13, 2016

Service Specialist: Matt M, Paula M

Customer's Comments: This was my first experience with Aiello Home Services and I was not disappointed. The woman who took the appointment request on the phone was polite and efficient. The tech, Matt, showed up on time, explained my options along with prices and performed all the work in short order. He also helped me with some questions I had on my water system. I would recommend them to anyone. Great job

Customer's Name/Source: Buzz Box- June 8, 2106
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: Extremely courteous, professional, and competent. Great company to work with.

Customer's Name/Source- 7,2016
Service Specialist: Kevin A, Amanda E, Tim M.
Customer's Comments:professional and courteous. Tech performed a super job with excellent cleanup after. Gave 4 stars instead of 5 only because services were a tad pricey but if you want the quality, you have to be prepared to pay for it. Overall quality and workmanship were 5 star.

Customer's Name/Source: Better Business Bureau- D.M.- June 7, 2016
Service Specialist: Craig N
Customer's Comments:Over the past 10 years or so Aiello Home Services has serviced our central air conditioning system and the service has been very good. All of the technicians who have come to our home to perform the annual maintenance/checkup of the system have been very professional, courteous, and great technicians. We have not had to have them come back for a "REDO"! In addition, several years ago when our system was approximately 18 years old we decided to replace it and we asked Aiello to review the system and provide an estimate for their work. We met with a representative of the company in our home and were very pleased with his recommendations and price. The installantion was EXCELLENT! Aiello sent out a "TEAM" of installers approximately 5 gentlemen who worked from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (NON-STOP) removing our old system and installing the new system. This was a lot of work, but their team was exceptional. These gentlemen were professional, HARD WORKING, and VERY NEAT - no mess - nothing was damaged. We were thrilled with the installation and the excellent team that Aiello sent to out home. These installers were FIRST CLASS! My wife and I always recommend to our friends and family Aiello to install and service central AC!

Customer's Name/Source: Judy's Book June 5, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike M, Mike D
Customer's Comments:Mike M and Mike D completed a big furnace, AC and water heater installation job flawlessly. Both were very professional and courteous. Extremely happy with on-time project completion.

Customer's Name/Source: Google + June 1, 2016
Service Specialist: Ross S.
Customer's Comments:My friend recommended me the home energy audit from Aiello. Ross and Mike came to my house at 8am and left at 4:30pm. You can imagine how much work they did. They checked the gas leak, all the air leaks and they filled all the gaps and leaks. Ross and Mike are very patient and knowledgeable with all my questions. And also their feedback are very honest. I got free LED light bulbs. For $99, I can't imagine receiving such awesome service. They did recommend light bulbs, service plan and wifi thermostat to me. But I never felt pushed to buy anything. Definitely will recommend my friends to have the service. I highly appreciate Ross and Mike's fine work.

Customer's Name/Source: Better Business Bureau- K-Farmington June1, 2016
Customer' Comments: One never gets used to the challenges of owning an old home. As I was trying to fix a running toilet I found that the pipe from the wall to the toilet was leaking and the toilet was actually not repairable. How can things my age (66) fall apart so easily? Anyway, I called Aiello on a Sunday. They booked me quickly for Monday morning and replaced the old pipe and installed a new super-fancy toilet. I thought it was pretty extravagant until I started using it and realized that it was indeed well worth the money. You never regret spending money for quality products and good service!

Customer's Name/Source: Alan D. Review Buzz - May 31, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: My 1st experience with Aiello was very good, your technician Pete was very professional and he explained a few options to me relating to my Hot Water Heater. Due to the age (14 years) and condition and corrosion it was best to replace the whole WH. Pete arrived at 9am and was completed by noon. We had hot water by 1:30 and were able to use the showers again I would definitely recommend your company to friends and neighbors. You are actually coming out to look at my AC this week as well

Customer's Name/Source: James R. - Review Buzz - May 29, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: The technician was very knowledgeable and personable. He pointed out the probable causes of our problem as well as potential solutions. He kept us informed at each step of the process. Excellent results. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.

Customer's Name/Source: L.K. - Better Business Bureau - May 28, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen S, Bill L.
Customer's Comments: My technician Stephen S. and his associate Bill L. did a fantastic job servicing my air conditioning system. Explained what they were going to do in great detail and kept me informed of their progress. Bill then washed the outside unit and cleaned it up for the summer and posted the date the service was preformed on my unit in the basement. Once complete Stephen advised me of a web site to buy filters that are a cheaper than buying in a local store. Overall, I was very satisfied

Customer's Name / Source: John W. - Review Buzz - May 26, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: The service that I received was awesome. The team arrived ahead of time and was very thorough with all their work and the way they carefully explained everything before, during and after finishing the project. They were neat and was careful not mess up the house, they wear protective booties over their shoes while in the house. I was so impressed with their work that recommended my mother to also to utilize them. You were a God sent Thank you . John W.

Customer's Name/Source: C.S. -Better Business Bureau - May 25, 2016
Service Specialist: Stacy C
Customer Comments: Stacy C******** was at our home last week to assist with a kitchen faucet problem, as well as a master bath faucet problem, and resolved both quickly and efficiently. Stacy was professional, proactive, and had a great attitude. I didn't know that you could request specific service techs, but now that I do I will certainly request Stacy in the future. He provided superior service -- the best that we've received to date from this company!

Customer's Name/Source: S.R. - Better Business Bureau - May 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Ross, Joe
Customer's Comments: Ross and Joe performed an energy review of my home on May 24, 2016. They arrived on time, were extremely careful and courteous and engaging. They explained everything they were going to do, asked appropriate questions and completed their work as anticipated. They replaced older type light bulbs, pressure tested the house for air leaks, caulked fireplaces that had air leakage, repaired problem areas in basement, including crawlspace and sealed air leakage into attic area. We have been very happy with the service from Aiello employees over many years, but Ross and Joe are two of the best.

Customer's Name/Source: Frank Fuchs/ Review Buzz - May 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike Jezouit, Tim Lynch and the entire organization
Customer's Comments: I have had a 20 year working relationship with Aiello Home Services and during the span have experienced nothing shy of complete satisfaction across the board. For those who put price over everything else, you will receive what you pay for. Aiello offers prompt courteous service, highly skilled techs and all importantly peace of mind to build its reputation on. Aiello puts its customer base first and clearly makes all whom are serviced feel valued as well as satisfied with each interaction. Props to Mike Jezouit, Tim Lynch and the entire organization whose business standards are second to none. Frank Fuchs Windsor, CT

Customer's Name/Source: Buzz Box, May 23,2016

Service Specialist: Craig N
Customer's Comments:On Monday May 23, 2016 the HVAC Service Technician Mr. Craig Nolan came to our home and performed the annual checkup of our central A/C unit. Mr.Nolan was extremely polite, courteous, and easy to talk with. You could not ask for a more professional, respectful and hardworking gentleman than Mr. Nolan. It is service technicians like Mr. Craig Nolan that keep my wife and I coming back to Aiello for routine service, repairs and other products sold and serviced by Aiello. After Mr.Nolan left our home my wife and I wrote down his name next to Aiello and will request that the company send Mr.Craig Nolan for all future service and repair of our central A/C. Aiello should be very proud of Mr.Nolan the way he represents himself and the company in the eye of the public.
Customer's Name/Source: Mihael de la M. -Review Buzz - May 22, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike
Customer's Comments: In a world that has lost it's manners and politeness it is refreshing to come across wonderful customer service. Mike did an amazing job...answered our questions and made sure we were all set before leaving. He provided us quality work and we highly recommend him. Thank you Mike! You are welcome in our home anytime!

Customer's Name/Source: J.S. - Better Business Bureau - May 21, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen S, Bill L ( in training)
Customer Comments: Service technicians Stephen S and Bill L. ( in training) were very professional, courteous and explained everything they were doing. Both are exemplary employees and Aiello should continue to strive towards retaining and nurturing them in the future. Their honesty, service and skills to Aiello's customers is a benefit to the company and most of all the customer.

Customer's Name/Source: Bob B. - Review Buzz - May 21, 2016
Service Specialist: Matt Mulcahy, Frank
Customer's Comments: Matt Mulcahy extremely professional and courteous. He explained how he will fix our kitchen faucet and everything works satisfactory. He offered tips for other items which we appreciate very much. We've used Aiello in the past and will continue to do so. Our thanks also to Frank!

Customer's Name/Source: N.P. - Better Business Bureau - May 21, 2016
Service Specialist: Clay C.
Customer's Comments: Clay Countryman serviced my air conditioning system today and he was wonderful. I had a problem for which Clay carefully and very clearly laid out my options. The work was completed in the same visit and all appears well. I really appreciated his knowledge and kindness. Thank you, Clay!

Customer's Name/Source: Matthew T - Review Buzz - May 20, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike, Chris
Customer's Comments: Mike and Chris were about 10 minutes late due to traffic. We got a call from the office telling us that they were going to be a late and why. I don't think that I have ever gotten a call because someone was going to be 10 minutes late. Great service! Thank you

Customer's Name/Source: A.D. - Better Business Bureau - May 19, 2016
Service Specialist: Pete
Customer's Comments: My 1st experience with Aiello was great, they were professional on the phone when scheduling an appointment at 11am - 3pm. They also asked if there was an earlier time could they call. Of course I said yes since we didn't have any hot water. I was contacted in the morning around 8:30am and said that they could have a technician there by 9am. When Pete arrived at my home he was very professional and introduced himself and shook my hand. I then brought him down to the basement. After troubleshooting the water heater, it was determined that it need to be replaced after 14 years. Pete called into the office and arranged for the equipment to be delivered while he went ahead and drained the WH. I left him alone at that point. When I checked on him around noon he was just finishing up and by 1:30pm we had hot showers! Awesome experience and would definitely use and recommend them again

Customer's Name/Source: JDR -Better Business Bureau - May 17, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: Staff was friendly and responsive. Same day service. Mike was knowledgeable and quick. Problem solved at a reasonable price. I recommend them.

Customer's Name/Source: P.M. - Better Business Bureau - May 14, 2016
Service Specialist: Phil J.
Customer's Comments: Phil J checked out our air condition system and explained to us in detail that the system was in very good conditiion. He was very friendly and answered our questions in a professional manner. I have been doing business with Aiello Home Services for many years, and have always been satisfied.

Customer's Name/Source: K.G. - Better Business Bureau - May 13, 2016
Service Specialist: Clay C.
Customer Comments:Clay C. is an excellent service technician. He explained each step in the process, he quickly diagnosed the problem with my HVAC system and demonstrated how knowledgeable he is.

Customer's Name/Source: J.K. - Better Business Bureau - May 13, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike, Dan
Customer's Comments: Mike and Dan arrived within the time widow, worked efficiently, were neat and clean and worked quickly. Equally important, they were friendly, a pleasure to have in our home and respectful of out needs . Before the work began, we were made aware of the scope and cost of the water heater replacement. As they progressed every effort was made to keep us informed as to what they were doing and why. All in all it was a very positive experience, thanks to Mike and Dan.

Customer's Name/Source: Walter S. - Review Buzz - May 11, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments:
Great experience did the job quickly cleaned up great all around now I will have them service my A/C

Customer's Name/Source: Louise Rickard - Facebook - May 6, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: We had a technician come to do the annual systems check for our air conditioning. Everything went fine. Aiello technicians are always prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He talked to me after his inspection of the system and explained what he had done and gave me some tips for the future. Aiello may be more expensive than some other companies, but they are reliable and do quality work. It's worth it to us.

Customer's Name/Source: Kali Leffbline - Facebook - May 5, 2016
Service Specialist: Ken Britt
Customer's Comments: Ken Britt was the service specialist that was assigned to me. Essentially we did not have hot water. Ken came to the house he was extremely nice and professional. We ended up needing a part for the repair that he could not get on short notice so he came back extremely early the next day and took care of the issue. Which we appreciated because we also did not have heat. He saved us a great deal of money by taking his time and trying a few different approaches to get the job done. I would recommend Ken Britt to anyone. Thank you.

Customer's Name/Source: Lisa Jacobs - Review Buzz - May 4, 2016
Service Specialist: Matt Mulcahy
Customer's Comments: Matt M was very kind and helpful. He explained everything and is an excellent plumber, the job was done perfect. Thanks for sending Matt Mulcahy!!

Customer's Name/Source: Claire H. - Review Buzz- April 30, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: I have already made another appointment for my daughters 2 family home. Yup, I'm satisfied

Customer's Name/Source: Todd Collen - Review Buzz - April 29, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom
Customer's Comments: Tom was a great! He explained everything that he was doing and told me a few things that I should be doing that no one that serviced my AC had told me before.

Customer's Name/Source: Eddie N. - Review Buzz- April 27, 2016
Service Specialist: ken Britt
Customer's Comments: Ken Britt was very thorough while inspecting my central air conditioning system earlier today. He took the time to explain what he was checking and why. I learned more about my cooling system from Ken than from the company that originally installed it.Thanks for the excellent service. I can now run my system this summer with confidence.

Customer's Name/Source: P.D. - Better Business Bureau - April 25, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: Aiello Home Services is an excellent company which we have used to used for years because of their reliability, high quality and quick response to any need we have experienced. Plumbing and electrical problems have been solved with politeness, thorough explaination of costs and attending discounts. Office personell are knowledgeable, while the service technitians are well versed in all aspects of the job. We are totally satisfied...

Customer's Name/Source: P.F. - Better Business Bureau - April 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Ray D.
Customer's Comments: Ray D. shared his expertise and made repairs to our furnace. He was tidy, timely, and communicated every step ( I tend to ask a lot of questions!) He made recommendations (but not a high pressure sales pitch that can make people uncomfortable.)

Customer's Name/Source: L.L. - Better Business Bureau - April 22, 2015
Customer's Comments: 4/10/2016 I was very satisfied with Tom S****** Service Tech his expertixe on solving the problem I had with my Boiler. He was very professional and had recommended other options he felt I would need. I had declined all though I will consider them at another time. Also promptness in service was well recognized.

Customer's Name/Source: Helene Frost - Facebook - April 22, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen Saja Jr.
Customer's Comments: The service I received from Stephen Saja Jr was better than expected. I never used this company before and they were still willing to come out to do the service work today because of my urgent timeline. Two other companies denied me because I was not a customer and would have to wait a minimum of to weeks for an appointment. Not only was Stephen knowledgeable about the business but explained what was being done. Valuable employee!

Customer's Name/Source: Cathy Russo - Review Buzz - April 19, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: We are very happy to have had an easy appointment at our home. Everything we needed to know was explained to us and made it a very easy way to make a decision as to what we are going to do. That is very important to a consumer.

Customer's Name/Source: Bob S.- April 18, 2016
Customer's Name/Source: Bob S. / Review Buzz - April 18, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer's Comments: Wow! Five service men arrived and went thru my home with a fine toothed comb. Very professional and friendly. Explained everything. Great Job Aiello!

Customer's Name/Source: Cathy R. - Review Buzz - April 19, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom S.
Customer Comments: This feedback in to mention about the technician Tom S. In all these years of having various technicians come to our house. We were really so glad to have this special one by the name of Tom S. This man is a person who most people would never expect to have come to a home be as professional as he is and show us his expertise in what he does. He explained to us everything that we needed to know. tt was a great to have him help us with what we needed to do . Keep up the good work Tom.

Customer's Name/Source: Doreen Dias-Review Buzz- April 15, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike
Customer Comments: Mike and his team were great. Very courteous and polite. They were very respectfully around my mom and there was no arguing or cursing what's so ever. They finished early and were very clean. I would definitely recommend them anytime.

Customer's Name/Source: Liz A. - Review Buzz-
April 15, 2016

Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: Everyone I have dealt with from Aiello has been courteous and knowledgeable -I have been very satisfied with your company

Customer's Name/Source: Laura F.- Review Buzz- April 14, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike
Customer Comments: Mike was awesome. Not. only did he fix my plumbing problems but answered my many questions and gave me other tips to keep my plumbing in good shape. He was friendly and professional and very considerate. Thanks for a job well done.

Customer's Name/Source: John M.-Review Buzz-April 14, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments:
Very professional experience from 1st phone call to work completed!

Customer's Name/Source: Bill Gardener- Review Buzz- April 12, 2016
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments:
This was an emergency service call and I couldn't be more pleased with the service and professionalism shown by the folks at Aiello.

Customer's Name/Source: M.P. -Better Business Bureau - April 10, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom S.
Customer's Comments: Called and scheduled an appointment for the next day. My furnace was making this grinding sound that was impossible to ignore Tom was punctual and very respectful of my home. He answered all my technical questions in a matter that I was easily able to understand. Fixed the problem promptly and even sat down with me to discuss what was needed to be done. He even took the time to show me a brochure with different plans that would help me with different services I'm sure to need in the near future. I've been a customer for 15 years and Aiello has never given a cause to be unhappy. They are efficient, courteous and very accommodating.

Customers' Name/Source: Buzz Box ~ April 7, 2016
Service Specialist
Customer Comment: Tom was able to quickly diagnose the issue and provide us with his recommendations as well as other options we had. I felt that Tom was being honest and had our best interest in mind. He seemed to truly have our safety and financial well-being in mind when he gave us our options. He was and even made a call to get us emergency heaters until our unit could be replaced (an option I didn't realize we even had). Great service!

Customer's Name/Source: Judy's Book ~ April 4, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom S
Customer Comment: 5 star review---Tom S diagnosed my problem immediately----I had no heat and Tom fixed my furnace quickly. Tom clearly explained the repair to me and also the Aiello Home Partnership Program. I enrolled in the program, as it will save me money in the long run with labor discounts, heating, cooling and electrical system checks as well. Thanks Tom!!!

Customer's Name/Source: Google Plus ~ April 4, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen S
Customer Comment: The company was called out to my residence for a check of my furnace and a CO2 issue. It was an emergency call and they arrived promptly when they said they would. They did a through inspection of the furnace and made me feel comfortable knowing that there is nothing wrong with my furnace and not issues relating to CO2. I would highly recommend them.

Customer's Name/Source: Buzz Box ~ April 2 , 2016
Service Specialist: Tom S
Customer Comment: First visit from Tom S. Just as personable, knowledgeable and efficient as I have appreciated for years with all other Aiello people. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Customer's Name/Source: Google Plus ~ April 1, 2016
Service Specialist: Sarah B, Pawal C, John C, Jason L
Customer Comment: It was a great experience having plumbing, electric and heating experts looking over the house. The monthly fee of 20 is well worth the peace of mind. My husband passed away recently I have to make sure I am able to take care of this house.

Customer's Name/Source: Judy's Book ~ March 25, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom S
Customer Comment: Had our furnace serviced by Tom Szostek. In short, he did a great job. Tom's workmanship was top notch and well thought out. I found him to be professional and one of the most polite serviceman I've met. If the need should arise again I'll be asking Aiello to send Tom again

Customer's Name/Source: Google Plus ~ March 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Jason M
Customer Comment: Jason did a home energy audit today along with Jack and David. They were very professional, knowledgeable and informative. They worked well together and made sure I understood everything they were doing throughout the day. They cleaned up any mess they made and explained everything they did. Jason also did a great job explaining all of the energy savings options available to me.

Customer's Name/ Source: Google Plus ~ March 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Mike M
Customer Comment: Mike was thoroughly professional, thoroughly considerate, thoroughly competent and thoroughly thorough! I am so impressed with this company and their employees. They worked quickly and quietly , were both knowledgable and polite and cleaned up after themselves. A in my book!

Customer's Name/Source: ~ March 21, 2016
Service Specialist: Kevin A, Michael R
Customer Comment: Very pleased with Aiello. Prompt and professional. They committed to a 1 hour window for an appointment; imagine my surprise when they arrived 5 minutes early for the appointment, and they were in and out in no time. Would definitely recommend them

Customer's Name: Susan C ~ March 21, 2016
Service Specialist: Mark M
Customer Comment: I am very happy with the professionalism shown by the employees of Aiello, with whom we worked to replace our aging boiler. The technician who responded to our emergency service call on a Saturday evening was able to find the problem with our old boiler and get it running on a night when we had record low temperatures. He explained the issues with the aging system and recommended that we speak with one of their replacement specialists, which we did the following week. This specialist also thoroughly examined our existing system and recommended the same replacement system that the technician had mentioned. We were able to get the new system installed within a couple of days after signing a contract and loan agreement. The installation team was also very professional, courteous, and left the basement area clean.

Customer's Name: Pamela K~ March 16, 2016
Service Specialist:
Tom was very professional and knowledgeable. He gave me hints on how to better take care of my furnace to make it more efficient. I appreciated all the information he gave me.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ March 17, 2016
Service Specialist: Kevin A, John C, Amanda E, Aaron J, Carmelo M.
Aiello is a name that all should know in the Hartford/Springfield area. Not only is their service first rate, but so are their employees. Make them your first choice for heating, plumbing and electrical work in your home or business

Customer's Name: Tom H~ March 15, 2016
Service Specialist:

Customer's Name: Susan Cote~ March 9, 2016
Service Specialist:
The quick service was great. I called and a service tech was here in a couple of hours. The person who answered the phone when I called was very nice and courteous

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ March 1, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom Szostek.
Tom Szostek from Aiello came and found the problem with my furnace (empty fuel tank) After taking a "load of crap" from me, he got the thing going again.... Good Guy.... Good work!! Thanks

Customer's Name: David T~ March 2, 2016
Service Specialist:
Perfect combo of friendliness, professionalism, and competence.

Customer's Name: Jane B ~ February 29, 2016
Service Specialist:
I was amazed at the outstanding service I received!

Customer's Name: Paul Morse ~ February 26, 2016
Service Specialist:
Friendly, helpful, honest

Customer's Name: Armando L ~ February 25, 2016
Service Specialist:
We have called on Aiello twice for emergency repairs. The work was done well and in a timely fashion. Like any emergency service in the middle of the night or weekends it is expensive.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 25, 2016
Service Specialist: James F.
James F******** advised us to replace one of our toilets. He was able to do the replacement on his initial service call. Did an excellent job. We have very old tiles in our bathroom, and he managed to remove old and install new toilet without breaking any. He left our bathroom cleaner than when he started!!! Courteous and professional, he instilled confidence in his abilities. We will be requesting him for future plumbing jobs.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 23, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen S.
I found Steve to be a great technician when he came out to service the issue we were having w/ 1 of the heat zones on the furnace. He took plenty of time to explain my options for repair. Was extremely patient while answers the many questions I had for him. Overall, provided excellent customer service.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 24, 2016
Service Specialist: Sarah B, Peter C, Amanda E.
The gentleman was friendly and very professional. He had what I needed, and did what was needed... plus a little extra! I rely on Aiello for all my electrical and plumbing needs.
Customer's Name: Andrew Papsum ~ February 22, 2016
Service Specialist: Aaron
Aaron was great. His explanation of what he was doing was great and he completed the service fast.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 20, 2016
Service Specialist: James F.
James F arrived right on time. We discussed what had to be done and my options. With that decided, he gave me a price, accepted my coupon, and went right to work. He finished in a very reasonable time and left the area neat and clean. Even my dog was happy with him!

Customer's Name: Aileen Smith ~ February 18, 2016
Service Specialist:
I have a munchkin furnace and it was dripping water when I called for service he wasn't quite sure but assumed because the cold temperatures.

Customer's Name:Faith T ~ February 17, 2016
Service Specialist:
Jason came sooner than what was told to me and was simply wonderful! He was kind, courteous and extremely personable. He fixed the problem in no time and was just so helpful. It was a really great experience! You guys are the best!!!!

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 16, 2016
Service Specialist: Amanda E, Jason L, Paula M
They are wonderful and quick. A great experience with Aiello. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 15, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom S.
My furnace was out and I had no heat. The technician was quick to diagnose the issue and was able to get my heat back up and running.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 13, 2016
Service Specialist: Tom Szostek.
Tom Szostek serviced my HVAV call and explained the types of maintenance service I should be doing. This was my first encounter with Mr. Szostek and I appreciated his recommendations and will follow-up.

Customer's Name: Josephine Bochiccio~ February 13, 2016
Service Specialist:
Very Happy with The Service And will certainly call them if we need them again

strong>Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 11, 2016
Service Specialist: Clay C.
Clay actually arrived 1 hour early for our appointment, which was great! He was conscientious and courteous throughout the visit and provided a clear and understandable explanation of the results of our service call. Thanks Aiello for having staff such as Clay on your team.

Customer's Name:Anonymous ~ February 10, 2016
Service Specialist: Peter C, Amanda E, Paula M
Well, this could not have been easier. Called to request a plumber for a clogged toliet, Paula answered & was extremely pleasant. She helped me schedule an appointment. I was called when technician was on the way - which I think is wonderful customer service. The plumber, Peter C. arrived on time, and put on those paper shoe covers to avoid tracking snow/water into my house (much appreciated!). He provided a quote before work began, which I approved. He was professional, quick & efficient. He was done within 20 minutes and did not leave a mess. I am so pleased with the staff at Aiello Home Services, I would (and will) highly recommend them to everyone.

Customer's Name: Rev. Dr. Dennis Sr. ~ February 10, 2016
Service Specialist:
I am very happy with the service received from Aaron Jesuit's (Tech). I appreciated the way he presented himself and the service performed. I am also very appreciative of the answers I received to questions I had regarding the performance of my boiler.

Customer's Name: Judith B ~ February 10, 2016
Service Specialist: James
James was the ultimate professional - great care and service while going above and beyond to fix my plumbing issues. Would highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely request him for any further work I may need.

Customer's Name: Dan T ~ February 9, 2016
Service Specialist: Carmelo Manuele
Carmelo Manuele was very informative, professional, and knowledgeable. He was 100% focused on meeting my needs and delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. Thank you Aiello and Carmelo for providing excellent service. Dan Tobin

Customer's Name: Geoff P ~ February 2, 2016
Service Specialist:
Great job- very open with diagnosis and troubleshooting process. VERY knowledgable.

Customer's Name: John S ~ January 30, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen
Stephen has been servicing our boiler since 2010 and I have always been very satisfied. I always ask for him to be sent to my homes when I call Aiello.

Customer's Name: Cynthia T ~ January 29, 2016
Service Specialist:
Great customer service hard to find these day will use you guys again

Customer's Name: John S ~ January 28, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen
Stephen has been servicing my boiler since 2010 and I have always been very satisfied. He is polite, knowledgable and meticulous. I always ask for Stephen to be sent to my home when I call for service. John Stewart 129 Dowd St Newington, Ct

Customer's Name: Brenda Powell ~ January 23, 2016
Service Specialist: James F, Stacy R
James F. plumber provided excellent and professional service. Thank you Stacy R. for immediate appointment.
Brenda P.

Customer's Name: Thomas Corrone ~ January 16, 2016
Service Specialist:
Very pleased I contracted Aiello to install my energy kinetics Accel CS boiler. From time in sales to install team everything was top notch. Price was very competitive.

Customer's Name: Paul O ~ January 15, 2016
Service Specialist: Clay
Technician (Clay) went out of his way to provided as prompt a response as possible and solved the problem quickly. It is the type of service I have come to expect from Aiello.

Customer's Name: Richard L ~January 7, 2016
Aiello is the only service company we would call to take care of any problem based upon past performance

Customer's Name: January 7, 2016
Service Specialist: Jason L, Katie M

Better Business Bureau
5 star rating
5 Star Rated
Aiello not only offers a wide range of repair, maintenance and installation services (from heating to air conditioning, to electrical and plumbing) but does so on an as-needed basis (24/7) and with contractual partnerships. Their work is both timely and professional, and always backed by their warranty. I would highly recommend them without question.

Customer's Name: anonymous ~January 6, 2016
Service Specialist: Jason L., John C., Carmelo M., Amanda E., Lindsey P.
We were very pleased with our annual service visit from Aiello.All members of the team did an Excellent job. Susan and Saul Bloostein

Customer's Name: anonymous ~January 5, 2016
Service Specialist: Peter C
Service specialist Peter C. arrived promptly and assessed the needs for replacing our 50 year old toilet and an angle stop. Additionally, Peter resolved a problem with the location of a shut-off valve. Peter completed the service expeditiously and effectively, answered my questions clearly, and completed the repair in a reasonable time. Peter was congenial and professional as he provided our services.

Customer's Name: anonymous ~ January 4, 2015
Service Specialist: James F
I read several reviews before making the decision to use this company, I'm glad I made the call. The Aiello staff were courtesy an professional and they were able to work around my schedule. I received a courtesy call 20 minutes before the technician arrived at my home. Plumbing Technician James F******** provided the diagnostic, price and how long it will take(reasonable price). Mr. F******** kept constant communication with me and my husband on all the steps he was doing while performing his work. A job well done. Thanks again James for all your hard work

Customer's Name: Mark Leavitt ~January 4, 2016
Had the bathtub shower fix, the pull plug was rotted, Aiello replaced it. I always use Aiello (for over 15 years), you pay more but in my experience, you get what you pay for. I paid lower prices with plumbers in the past and most of the time, they have to come out 2x-3x to get it right.

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