Aiello Home Services is one of Connecticut’s oldest and largest home services companies. We provide a very wide range of services including: heating repair and replacement, air conditioning repair and replacement, all manner of electrical and plumbing repair and service, residential generator sales and installation, water and well services, home heating oil sales and service and more.

For more than 80 years Aiello Home Services has been committed to delivering the highest level of professional service and courtesy in the business. We’ve prided ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

While we make every effort to make sure that our customers are totally satisfied with our efforts, inevitably there will be unhappy customers. It’s part of any business relationship. However, Aiello Home Services is committed to addressing any – and all – customer concerns. And 99.99% of the time we are able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

With more than 15,000 calls received each year there inevitably will be a few unhappy customers. Unhappy customers tend to take to the web to express their displeasure. Instead of trying to explain or defend our position in every case – we’ve decided to let all our satisfied – happy customers – speak for us.

This site is about those happy customers and their Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

We have posted just some of the hundreds of positive comments we have received concerning our great Aiello plumbers, electricians, installers, replacement specialists, customer service representatives and warehouse people.

Yes, this site is about “blowing our own horn,” in this new online world in which we live.

We hope you will accept our honest effort to defend our reputation using only the unsolicited words of satisfied Aiello Home Services customer reviews.

We think they speak the loudest.

The Best Customer Testimonial Ever!

I called your Company on Thurs., 3/14 and spoke to Dawn and she stated she would have a Service Tech to my home between 4 & 8 pm that day after listening to the heat issue. She was great.

Later that same day/evening approximately 9:30 PM, I called back and spoke to Mary and she was awesome - although she was leaving at 10:00 PM, she said she would personally call me back or have the Aiello 24 hr emergency service call me. She did contact the Service Tech who was at our residence earlier to fix the issue call me back within minutes of her speaking with me. Kudos to Mary - she was wonderful. ...Read More

Read Reviews about Aiello Home Services from Customers.

All the reviews that appear below are unedited and unsolicited reviews we have received from Aiello Home Services customers.

Recent Aiello Home Services Customer Reviews

Customer's Name: John S ~ January 30, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen
Stephen has been servicing our boiler since 2010 and I have always been very satisfied. I always ask for him to be sent to my homes when I call Aiello.

Customer's Name: Cynthia T ~ January 29, 2016
Service Specialist:
Great customer service hard to find these day will use you guys again

Customer's Name: John S ~ January 28, 2016
Service Specialist: Stephen
Stephen has been servicing my boiler since 2010 and I have always been very satisfied. He is polite, knowledgable and meticulous. I always ask for Stephen to be sent to my home when I call for service. John Stewart 129 Dowd St Newington, Ct

Customer's Name: Brenda Powell ~ January 23, 2016
Service Specialist: James F, Stacy R
James F. plumber provided excellent and professional service. Thank you Stacy R. for immediate appointment.
Brenda P.

Customer's Name: Thomas Corrone ~ January 16, 2016
Service Specialist:
Very pleased I contracted Aiello to install my energy kinetics Accel CS boiler. From time in sales to install team everything was top notch. Price was very competitive.

Customer's Name: Paul O ~ January 15, 2016
Service Specialist: Clay
Technician (Clay) went out of his way to provided as prompt a response as possible and solved the problem quickly. It is the type of service I have come to expect from Aiello.

Customer's Name: Richard L ~January 7, 2016
Aiello is the only service company we would call to take care of any problem based upon past performance

Customer's Name: January 7, 2016
Service Specialist: Jason L, Katie M

Better Business Bureau
5 star rating
5 Star Rated
Aiello not only offers a wide range of repair, maintenance and installation services (from heating to air conditioning, to electrical and plumbing) but does so on an as-needed basis (24/7) and with contractual partnerships. Their work is both timely and professional, and always backed by their warranty. I would highly recommend them without question.

Customer's Name: anonymous ~January 6, 2016
Service Specialist: Jason L., John C., Carmelo M., Amanda E., Lindsey P.
We were very pleased with our annual service visit from Aiello.All members of the team did an Excellent job. Susan and Saul Bloostein

Customer's Name: anonymous ~January 5, 2016
Service Specialist: Peter C
Service specialist Peter C. arrived promptly and assessed the needs for replacing our 50 year old toilet and an angle stop. Additionally, Peter resolved a problem with the location of a shut-off valve. Peter completed the service expeditiously and effectively, answered my questions clearly, and completed the repair in a reasonable time. Peter was congenial and professional as he provided our services.

Customer's Name: anonymous ~ January 4, 2015
Service Specialist: James F
I read several reviews before making the decision to use this company, I'm glad I made the call. The Aiello staff were courtesy an professional and they were able to work around my schedule. I received a courtesy call 20 minutes before the technician arrived at my home. Plumbing Technician James F******** provided the diagnostic, price and how long it will take(reasonable price). Mr. F******** kept constant communication with me and my husband on all the steps he was doing while performing his work. A job well done. Thanks again James for all your hard work

Customer's Name: Mark Leavitt ~January 4, 2016
Had the bathtub shower fix, the pull plug was rotted, Aiello replaced it. I always use Aiello (for over 15 years), you pay more but in my experience, you get what you pay for. I paid lower prices with plumbers in the past and most of the time, they have to come out 2x-3x to get it right.

Customer's Name: Bruce M ~ December 30, 2015
Plumber was very thorough and knowledegable. He showed me that damaged and compromised areas an offered several solutions to the problem.

Customer's Name: Ryan Viet ~ December 27, 2015
Honest and quick, always suggest what needs to be done

Customer's Name: NitinK ~ December 23, 2015
The Service team of Stacy, Orian and Amanda was excellent. The service was prompt and professional. The best part was that the service technician was at the site within half an hour of the call and successfully completed the job within half hour.

Customer's Name: Janet G~ December 18, 2015
Service Specialist: Peter C, Orian L
Orian and Peter were easy to work with. Orian got me the best appointment right away. Peter explained each step as he went along. The job was more than he expected at first, but made me feel comfortable in knowing that all would be fixed. And it was! Peter cleaned up the mess, even in the basement. I will call Aiello again if need be.

Customer's Name: Robert E ~ December 12/22/2015
Service Specialist: Robert E
Service technician was on time . He explained the job and cost. It was done in a timely manner and he was very neat.

Customer's Name: Sara B ~ December 11,2015
Service Specialist: Ken B

Customer's Name: Lindsey P ~ December 10,2015
Service Specialist:Steve Fecteau
I called Aiello Home Services to have two bathroom toilets fixed in our business, Mariella Creations. First they answered immediately, the person on the line was friendly and dispatched for someone to come out the same day. With in hours I received a call that a servicemen was on his way. The gentlemen that came in Steve Fecteau was very nice, clean a and friendly. He explained what needed to be fixed and quoted a price. I gave him the ok to start the job and off he went to work. Within hours the two bathrooms were ready for my customers to use. Now that's what I call customer service! Fast, friendly and accurately. A job well done!

Customer's Name: Walter S ~ December 3, 2015
Service Specialist:
My furnace was shut down by a technician on Friday and I was left with no heat. By Wednesday I called your office and spoke to the woman and told her of my problem and she got me a technician, Ray D'Amato. He took good care on me,fixed my problem and got my furnace working again. He was professional and explained what he did. They are a credit to your business.

Customer's Name: Erica B ~ November 30, 2015
Service Specialist
Great service by a very knowledgeable technician. Explained the options and priorities of work and made sure I understood the work that needed to be performed. Will be using Aiello Home Services in the near future.

Customer's Name: Michele P ~ November 19, 2015
Service Specialist: Stacy C
was very nice knowledgeable and completed the work in a timely manner . The phone receptionist is so great . She is sympathetic to emergency calls and strives to get the customer the assistance they need.

Peter Robonson ~ November 8, 2015
Service Specialist:
Found leaking water heater Sun nite. Turned it off and called Aiello knowing i would get an answering service. They returned my call at 0630 and had a tech on site by 0730. Replaced heater and had hot water again by 1045. Great job, great service at a reasonable price .

Customer's Name: Steve Jones ~ November 7, 2015
Service Specialist:
Continue to have great service from Aiello. They are on time, do what they say and do a great job. Had Stephen S out to fix our thermostats and he was fast, thorough and helped me make the best choices for repair/replacement.

Customer's Name: John F Dupont Jr. ~ October 20, 2015
Service Specialist: Stephen Sato Jr.
Steven Sajo Jr. was my Service Tech today 10,20,15. He was very professional and satisfied me totally. I would like to thank you for your service.

Customer's Name: Karen B ~October 18, 2015
Service Specialist:
My experience with Aiello was completely the opposite of the stories you here about waiting for the cable man. We agreed to a convenient time for me to meet them at my house, they called me back that morning and said they could get there 2 hours earlier then expected if that worked for me. I like Ralph right away, you could tell he was honest and knew what he was doing. It took him a while to clear my drain but he stuck with it and got the job done, Great experience! Thank you Aiello!

Customer's Name: Robert M ~October 9, 2015
Service Specialist: Tom S
Today I had the opportunity to meet with one of your professional service technicians Tom S. He took time to explain concerns related to the challenges I am facing ahead with replacing my gas furnace. After freezing last evening and this morning- my house was warm when he left. I will be contacting Aiello to discuss a new burner. I highly recommend Tom as a knowledgeable and courteous individual.

Customer's Name: Robert M ~October 9, 2015
Service Specialist: Tom S
Today I had the opportunity to meet with one of your professional service technicians Tom S. He took time to explain concerns related to the challenges I am facing ahead with replacing my gas furnace. After freezing last evening and this morning- my house was warm when he left. I will be contacting Aiello to discuss a new burner. I highly recommend Tom as a knowledgeable and courteous individual.

Customer's Name: Gerald James Lanning ~October 6, 2015
Service Specialist: Tom S
Today I had the opportunity to meet with one of your professional service technicians Tom S. He took time to explain concerns related to the challenges I am facing ahead with replacing my gas furnace. After freezing last evening and this morning- my house was warm when he left. I will be contacting Aiello to discuss a new burner. I highly recommend Tom as a knowledgeable and courteous individual.

Customer's Name: Colleen Visel~October 6, 2015
Service Specialist: Mike Massetti
Aiello Home Services just completed installing a cooling & heat pump system in my home. From start to finish the entire crew was friendly, personable, respectful, and professional. Mike Massetti was the lead Tech and was extremely thorough and represents the company well - absolutely LOVED him!. He made it a point to tell me exactly what he/his coworkers would be doing (before he/they did it, which was appreciated) to ensure I was aware of what work was going to be done. The crew was very respectful of my property as well. They laid down plastic from the entrance of the house all the way up to the attic and walked around the house with shoe covers on to protect my hardwood floors. They cleaned their mess as they went along and were truly non-intrusive. Mike set the expectations on Day 1 for the scope of work and the length of time the install and final walk-thru would take. They started right on time every single day, which is a rarity these days...even in 90 degree weather, and worked right up until 5pm. Mike stuck to his word and had the entire project completed in 3 days. I truly cannot recommend Aiello's enough. We definitely did our research before picking the company we were going to go with for this project and even though Aiello's was more expensive and the project start date was further out than we would have liked (they were booked solid and now we know why), it was 100% worth it.

Customer's Name: Jack Warner ~October 5, 2015
Service Specialist:
Once again excellent service. The plumber came to install a new bathroom faucet and it turned out to be defective. After getting a replacement he returned and did a great job of installing the faucet and completing the job.

Customer's Name: Michael Arcovio ~Sept 30, 2015
Service Specialist: Frank C, Mike D, Ray D
Tim Lynch and Ralph Landolfi were both gentlemen and professional in their dealings with me!!!

Customer's Name: ~ October 1, 2015
Service Specialist: Frank C, Mike D, Ray D
What can be any better than perfect
Customer's Name: Dominick D ~ Sept 27, 2015
Service Specialist:
Awesome job. Could not be happier. Clean, professional, and on time.

Customer's Name: Mike M ~ Sept 25, 2015
Service Specialist:
We just wanted to say how amazing our oil to natural gas conversation went. they always kept us updated about the process. they were super professional. most of the time we didnt even know they were downstairs. anytime we had an issue they were right on top of it. we could not be happier.

Customer's Name: Judy C ~ Sept 23, 2015
Service Specialist:
Aiello was not even my families heating company but because we needed a third party opinion we chose Aiello. Was able to schedule immediately both for diagnosis and work done on furnace. Ken B. the technician was fantastic. Explained and showed us everything he was doing. Never had a better cleaning than the one he recently completed.

Customer's Name: Ken B ~ Sept 18, 2015
Service Specialist:
Selling our house and needed an independent company to assess furnace which was deemed busted by home inspector. Called Aiello whom I have never used before and they came out the very next day, diagnosed, recommended and returned to fix. Never had a better cleaning or service. Ken B. was fantastic, explaining what he was fixing, didn't rush anything. Very friendly too! Changing the company we have have used for years to AIELLO. Thanks Ken B. Judy & Chuck, EW

Customer's Name: Colleen L ~ Sept 11, 2015
Service Specialist:
The crew was respectful, friendly, punctual, and professional! I was thoroughly impressed on how well they communicated with me, and each other, to ensure everyone was on the same page. The install of my cooling and heat pump system went flawlessly! Impeccable quality of work by true professionals!!

Customer's Name: Thomas Wachtelhausen ~ Sept 3, 2015
Service Specialist:
Looked for established Home Services provider and took a chance with Aiello. Certainly made the right choice. Decided to replace gas boiler and HW heater with combo unit. Was 50 yrs.old. Outstanding from start to finish. Initially, thought pricey but the installation team worked with precision and well worth it. Great company!

Customer's Name: Paul O ~ Sept 2, 2015
Service Specialist:
As usual the service from Aiello was excellent. They responded to my call quickly, arrived on time and diagnosed the problem efficiently. Due to the considerable cost implied by the diagnosis they double checked to make sure there wasn't any alternative solution available and then completed the repair without delay.

Customer's Name: Elisa Tenebaum ~ August 30, 2015
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: Exceptional service and highly recommended. Professional, punctual and extremely competent.

Customer's Name: Mike G ~August 28, 2015
Service Specialist: Mike Massetti
Customer Comments: Aiello was the only contractor who could come out next day during the last heat wave and service my 25 year old Carrier unit. Clay the technician was very friendly, professional and competent.

Customer's Name: David O'nell ~ August 22, 2015
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: Aiello was the only contractor who could come out next day during the last heat wave and service my 25 year old Carrier unit. Clay the technician was very friendly, professional and competent.

Customer's Name: John Capetta ~ August 20, 2015
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: Aiello completed every promise made in their original sales contract. Every employee we met was polite and considerate. They also went about their work efficiently and professionally. We were very pleased and would recommend Aiello to family and friends.

Customer's Name: Damon B ~ August 8, 2015
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: Very impressed!!! You were recommended by a local competitor that was over booked, that says a lot.

Customer's Name: Paul B ~ July 7, 2015
Service Specialist: Ray
Customer Comments: We had had our air conditioner serviced a few weeks ago. Since it has been a reasonably temperate summer so far, we used the air for the first time on Tuesday, 7/7, a hot and humid day on which we were entertaining a dozen friends. The system did not work, and we were quite unhappy. Ray came out on the 9th and found the problem which he quickly fixed. Not only that, but he carefully explained everything he had done in a way that was very clear to us as individuals with no HVAC expertise. He was courteous and very helpful. While we were quite unhappy with the breakdown so soon after the system was serviced, we regained our positive assessment of Aiello as a result of Ray's demeanor and expertise. We will request his services in the future. Paul and Vivian Batterson

Customer's Name: Frank Rossano ~ June 29, 2015
Service Specialist: Tim L, Mark M, Alex F, Robert B
Customer Comments: Tim L, Mark M, Alex F, Robert B and Robert's assistant were all helpful and respectful. Work was done as scheduled and neatly. The persons took care to keep the house clean by wearing booties, and/or putting down pads on the walkways in the house. It was a rainy time period and they kept the house clean. All trash was removed. Work done as planned. Great group to work with, from sales person to the technicians.

Customer's Name: Sebastian Cardella ~ June 18, 2015
Service Specialist: Mike L.
Customer Comments: Mike L was very professional from start to finish. He and Jack were meticulous and because of them We would call on Aiello for future issues. Great Job!!!!

Customer's Name: Maryl C. ~ June 8, 2015
Service Specialist:
Customer Comments: Husband tried to fix and finally gave up. Aiello tech came by and with in 10-15 minute he had the problem solved and no more leaking :) Thanks!!!! technician, customer service rep very helpful and friendly.
Customer's Name: Mark M ~ June 6, 2015
Service Specialist: Mark Murillo, Alex
Customer Comments: Our air conditioning/heat system was broken. We needed to have the whole system replaced. Aiello worked with us to find the right solution and was able to complete the service within just a few days of coming to inspect the situation. (They basically just had to wait for the right parts to come in). Technician/Service Specialist, Mark Murillo and his partner Alex, along with the rest of the service team, were all very polite and respectful. They worked efficiently and were very willing to take the time to answer any questions I may have had. More importantly, I'll be able to sleep during hot and humid nights again! The service was excellent and so is having reliable heating/cooling in the house again.

Customer's Name: Karmen Fugate ~ May 31, 2015
Service Specialist: Mark
Customer Comments: It was hard to find anyone to work on my whole house attic fan. But Mark found the adjustment quickly to make it start working again. Thanks Aiello

Customer's Name: Cathy R ~ May 20, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn F
Customer Comments: My husband and myself were very impressed with Shawn Foley. His expertise in what he does is shown by the way he does his job. He is a very friendly person, polite and makes a customer's questions answered in a way that explains the answer to the fullest of the questions that are asked. We are very happy to have had him to get our air conditioner ready for the summer. We wish him well in his employment with Aiello. This company is the best for a customer to have. Everything that is done is done to the greatest expectations I could ever have imagined.

Customer's Name: George Stone ~ May 4, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn Foley
Customer Comments: Shawn Foley arrived on 4/29/2015 to do the annual maintenance on our home A/C unit. He was very polite and explained what he would be doing. He noted the noise in the contactor (?), which was much noisier than last year, explained what the problem was and replaced it, explaining that it would help to avoid a faailure when the hot days arrive. He inspected the filter, showed me, and said that it was fine for this season. Hope we see him next time.

Customer's Name: Richard & Maria C ~ April 23, 2015
Service Specialist: Steve F, Pam G
Customer Comments: We are happy with Aiello as always. This time it was Steve F. and Pam G. This time our hot water heater wiring burned. Here's the thing with Aiello. When you call --- they answer the phone. They listen and act quickly to send the right person to solve the problem. While here, in this case, Steve noticed and repaired two dripping water shut-off valves. Both Steve and Pam were friendly. Our water heater is fixed. What more can you ask for. We'll use Aiello again.

Customers's Name: Desmond C ~ April 22, 2015
Service Specialist: Robert E.
Customer Comments: Excellent experience. Was able to quote me a fair price and come out and repair based on my schedule. Robert Edinger not only made the necessary repairs but he was extremely fair when pricing. He explained what he was doing and why. He also provided strategies to use to prevent repeats of the problem. He was professional and friendly. I will ask for him by name if there is a next time.

Customer's Name: Glen Klocko. ~ April 20, 2015
Service Specialist: Jessie C
Customer Comments:Jesse C. did a wonderful energy audit of my house. He and his assistant were polite and thorough in there work. Jesse explained everything being done and the reasons why as he proceeded along throughout the day. I am very pleased with his service and that of Aiello home Services.

Customers's Name: John & Lynn Mullally ~ April 15, 2015
Service Specialist: Stephen, Cindy
Customer Comments:Pleasure dealing with Cindy,Stephen. Cindy set up appointment in a matter of minutes. Stephen was on time and very professional. Would recommend Aiello anytime. Thanks John Lynn
Customer's Name: Joshua S ~ April 15, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn Foley
Customer Comments:Shawn was absolutely fantastic in every way. He was prompt, extremely courteous, and was amazingly thorough in both explaining the work he had done and options going forward. I was also impressed by his ability to quote on the spot for additional work in the future. I asked Shawn if we could request him again for next year for our annual service and I will definitely be doing so.

Customer's Name: Patrick Smith ~ April 8, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn Foley
Customer Comments: Our appointment was scheduled with a window of 8AM to 12Pm. Shawn arrived at 8:30AM which I find commendable, because most of the time other service organization will arrive just before the close of the window promised. We were very happy with the promptness and the professional service provided to us.

Customer's Name: Nick Forsee ~ April 2, 2015
Service Specialist: Shawn Foley
Customer Comments: My experience today with the home heating inspection by Shawn Foley surpassed expectations. Everything was explained to me in terms I could understand, and with patience and humor. I am asking for Shawn again for next year's inspection and will gladly recommend Aiello to friends.

Customer's Name: Joseph L ~ March 10,2015
Service Specialist: Matt Rose
Customer Comments: Matt Rose did an excellent job and after he was done he suggested I get a smoke alarm and picked out a location for it. I reviewed the charges with Garret Cardwell and he was able to make an adjustment on the final bill which made this Korean war/senior citizen veteran very content, good job all around.

Customer's Name: Jennifer W. ~ March 9, 2015
Service Specialist: Mike, Alex
Customer Comments:The whole crew was fantastic. They were not only on time but they finished earlier than I expected. Mike and Alex were conscientious, neat and clean and had great attitudes in their work. Will definitely use Aiello again!

Customer's Name: Fred K ~ March 2, 2015
Service Specialist: Frank Wiliams
Customer Comments:Frank Williams came to our home to do some electrical work and arrived on time. He was very professional and so helpful. I am extremely happy with the service he provided and his advice as to what the best avenue to take was. Frank is a credit to your company and it was a pleasure to meet him. He left the work very clean as well. Thank you Frank

Customer's Name: Laurie T ~ February 13, 2015
Service Specialist: Ray D.
Customer Comments:Aiello is fortunate to have someone like Ray D. representing their Co. Ray arrived within time frame given to me, had shoes covered the whole time he was in my home, quickly determined what the problem was & fixed it, very patient & thorough in answering any questions I had, very professional & friendly-definitely deserves 5 stars!

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